Where To Buy Dog Gone Smart Collar, 3/4″ x 16-22″, Navy/Red


Big SALE Dog Gone Smart Collar, 3/4″ x 16-22″, Navy/Red

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Dog Gone Smart Collar, 3/4″ x 16-22″, Navy/Red

Dog Gone Smart Collar, 3/4

Dog Gone Smart Collar, 3/4


Dog Gone Smart™ is proud to introduce nanotechnology to the pet industry. We have developed the most technologically advanced dog apparel on the market. Dog Gone Smart Technology™ uses the performance fabric finish NanoSphere® and a state-of-the-art bacteriostatic. These newly designed jackets stay clean naturally, reduce the spread of bacteria and stand up to the wear and tear of the most active dog. These fabrics are non-toxic and pet safe. The NanoSphere® finish even carries the label

  • NanoSphere® fabrics repel liquids, dirt, coat oils and stains so products stay clean naturally!
  • The NanoSphere® treatment makes the fabrics highly abrasion resistant, making the collars, leashes, and harnesses much more durable.
  • Dog Gone Smart TechnologyTM reduces the spread of bacteria which can cause odor, bacterial infections, and allergies.
  • Neoprene core provides soft feel
  • Eliminates chafing associated with nylon

Dog Gone Smart Collar, 3/4
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