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e-cloth Pet Cleaning and Drying Towel

e-cloth Pet Cleaning and Drying Towel

e-cloth Pet Cleaning and Drying Towel


e-cloth for Pets products save time and effort. The super absorbent (4x more than cotton), high performing fibers cut drying time in half – perfect for preventing that wet dog smell. Its unique ability to hold up to 7 times its weight in water leads to less laundry. Hidden germs are brought inside with our pets. In a Good Morning America test where eight people’s feet and two dogs’ paws were analyzed, the dog’s paws “came in fifth and ninth for the dirtiest soles.” Drying messy, we

  • Quickly removes and locks away dirt, mud and bacteria
  • Absorbs twice as much moisture as a conventional towel and dries four times more quickly
  • Soft to touch and encourages pets to cuddle into
  • Guarantee for 300 Machine washes
  • size: 39.4″ x 19.7″

e-cloth Pet Cleaning and Drying Towel
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