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CopperGifts: Angel Cookie Cutter – Fancy

CopperGifts: Angel Cookie Cutter - Fancy

CopperGifts: Angel Cookie Cutter - Fancy


Angel Cookie Cutter – Fancy is handmade from a single piece of copper under the direction of Coppersmith Ray Braman. Angel Cookie Cutter – Fancy measures 4-1/4 inches (108mm) wide and 4-1/2 inches (114mm) tall. As this copper cookie cutter is handmade, it may vary slightly in size and shape. CopperGifts exclusive collection of copper cookie cutters is unique in that every cookie cutter is hand-made and hand-soldered. CopperGifts is the largest manufacturer of solid copper cookie cutters in the U

  • APPROXIMATE WIDTH: 4-1/4 inches (108mm)
  • APPROXIMATE HEIGHT: 4-1/2 inches (114mm)
  • ELEGANT 100% COPPER: Handmade in the USA from timelessly beautiful solid copper, this cookie cutter is a work of exceptional quality and durability.
  • 1500+ SMART DESIGNS: CopperGifts Workshop is proud to offer a selection of our handmade copper cookie cutter collection on Amazon.
  • UNSURPASSED QUALITY: Apart from the actual bending of each cookie cutter, each of our cookie cutters undergo a 15-step manufacturing process overseen by our Coppersmith Ray Braman.

CopperGifts: Angel Cookie Cutter - Fancy
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