The Importance of Doggie Safety During Car Travel

Traveling with your dog can be a lot of fun and a disaster waiting to happen as well. Whether you’re going on a short trip to the mall or a long distance road trip, there are plenty of safety risks ahead.

A dog tends to move around a lot, so it is not advisable to let him sit on your lap since you can get distracted while driving. He can also get thrown out of the window in case of an accident. Two of the best security and safety options available for your pet is a dog car seat and dog car harness.

Buckling Up Your Dog

In a car crash, a dog traveling in a vehicle going 30 mph will hit any object ten inches in front of him at 1,200 lbs per square inch, which can potentially injure or worst, kill your precious pet. Putting your pup in a quality dog car harness can help reduce this risk.

Moreover, it will prevent any driving distraction and runaways. No matter how well-behaved your dog is, he will have a moment of distress. Losing him during your holiday is one of the worst things that can happen.

Putting your pet in a harness is convenient. It will only take you less than five minutes to buckle him securely in a harness ensuring his safety. You also don’t have to worry about your little rascal escaping from your car’s window when it’s open.

A car dog harness fastened to your vehicle’s safety seat belt is a great option. It will give your canine friend to move around freely while restraining him during an accident.

Dog Car Seats

A dog car seat will provide your pooch with comfort while staying protected and safe during travel. Puppies may not be bothersome, but once they grow, handling them can be quite a challenge. While a dog car harness works great for larger breeds, a dog booster seat is better for small and medium breeds. Using a car seat for dogs is ideal at an early age to prevent any risks during road trips.

These safety seats for your pet are specifically designed as a dog bed that’s very comfortable. It is held in place by your car’s seat belt just like an infant car seat. Look for one that has a harness to prevent any movements when you’re changing speed or in case of accidents.

What to Consider when Choosing the Best Dog Car Seat

  • Storage and Setup. Most pet owners will only use a dog car seat during long road trips. So the first thing you need to consider when shopping for one is how quickly you can set it up and pack up for storage.

  • Comfort and Size. The seat must be spacious and comfortable enough for your dog to lay down or sit up so that he will remain calm and quiet inside it.
  • Safety and Protection Features. You need to consider how it is attached to your vehicle and how it restrains your dog inside it. It should have a robust attachment system and works excellently on the front or back seat of your car. Furthermore, look for a dog booster seat with security leashes that can be adjusted to ensure your pet is always safely seated during the entire trip.

Other Travel Safety Tips when Traveling with Pets

  • Take your pet on a few short distances drives first and lengthening it gradually to prepare him for the long road trip ahead.
  • Feed your dog with a light meal two to three hours before traveling. Do not feed him in a moving car.
  • Do not leave him in a parked car even when the windows are open. Dogs can also experience heatstroke on hot months. He can also freeze to death in cold weather since your car can act as a fridge.
  • Check your dog’s traveling kit. It should include a leash, bowl, paper towels, plastic bags, poop scooper, medication, a first-aid kit, his favorite toy or pillow, grooming supplies, and of course food.
  • Drinking water in a place your dog is not used to can upset his stomach so bring tap water stored in a container or bottled water for him.
  • For identification, make sure he has a pet microchip or a collar with a tag with his name and your contact details.