How to Handle a Pet’s Fear of Thunderstorms

How to Handle a Pet’s Fear of Thunderstorms

Some family pets are afraid of rumbling through disaster or no fault of their very own. However there are some methods which you can assist your pet dog to overcome it’s anxiety of thunder. So if you have an animal and there is a thunderstorm, exactly what do you do making them not be as scared?

Pet dogs

What to do

Sidetrack your pet from the loud sound that is going on outside. You could do this by putting on the radio or the television at a volume that isn’t really as well loud, yet delicately muffles the rumbling. You can also sidetrack your pet by playing an online game experiencing them, such as bring, or handing them a chew which will certainly last a while; I would suggest a Kong.


2 Produce a secure, well-known environment that your dog is used to. If your dog insists on crawling under the table, allow it remain there – don’t compel it to do something it really doesn’t intend to. Don’t constrain your dog to particular areas also. Make it feel comfy and at home. It misbehaves if your pet seems like you are not paying enough focus on him/her.

3 Train your dog to not fear thunder. You can do this by buying a CD which is a recording of a storm. Play this at a low quantity in the beginning. Award your pet dog when they show no indication of anxiety. Gradually boost the quantity of the CD and maintain gratifying your pet experiencing deals with when they reveal much less indication of worry.

If you have actually tried sometimes to stop your canine’s concern of rumbling, drug is constantly a possible alternative. Your veterinarian can recommend this. However to start with, you must consider your pet dog’s well-being: Is it worth him/her being sleepy and calm? Or should you stick to your pet dog being scared as well as potentially placing itself or others in jeopardy?

What not to do

1 Do not punish your canine when it obtains frightened. This will just distress and also perplex it even more.

2 Do not aim to require your pet to eliminate that fear. As an example: making it stay in the garden throughout the storm – this is just harsh!

3 Do NOT comfort your pet in order to cuddle him. Via a dog’s eyes, when it obtains frightened of rumbling and also pertains to you or hides, you offer it focus – the dog likes this as well as understands that next time when there is thunder, you’ll provide it a lengthy cuddle. This will just make it’s concern worse.

What to do.

1 Pretty much like handling a pet dog throughout electrical storms. To start with, try to distract the pet cat’s interest from the rumbling. Play online games with it or give it an eat that will certainly last a long time, to keep it’s mind concentrated on something apart from the storm.

2 Pet cats are various to pet dogs because they are consistently allowed outside whenever they please. If your cat is inside your home when a thunderstorm starts, maintain it inside. Block the cat flap in order to shut the home windows so it can not get away. Also if it goes bananas aiming to damage it’s method via the front door, keep it inside. This avoids it from any kind of risks when running around, anxious, outdoors.

3 If your pet cat is not inside when an electrical storm starts, DO N’T head out trying to find it. It could have it’s own comfortable place somewhere else where it favors to be throughout a thunderstorm. Additionally, if you’re outside looking for it, it could come running through the cat-flap seeking you. Simply remain inside your home as well as wait for it to return, if it wishes to.

4 Felines are far more independent than pets. When they obtain scared of a thunderstorm permit them to rest or lie anywhere they favor to, not outside certainly, and also do not disturb them till the electrical storm is over.

5 There are certain drugs around that you could offer to your cat before a thunderstorm to help prevent it from ending up being stressed out. Your vet can suggest this.

What not to do.

1 Just like a pet; don’t punish your feline when it obtains anxious.


2 Don’t try to require your cat to conquer it’s fear, for example by making it remain outside.

3 Do NOT comfort your feline. If you cuddle it, you’re just giving it interest, which it suches as. So, following time there is a thunderstorm, it will come to you for convenience – this is only making the trouble worse!

Just what to do.

Place on the radio or the tv. A great source of background noise will certainly hush the rumbling, so your rodent won’t hear it.

It’s not easy at all, if even feasible, to train a rodent to not fear electrical storms. The most basic thing to do is to bring them inside, if they live outside, in order to maintain them in a lit area – darkness will probably scare them a lot more.

3 Like all family pets, rodents ultimately recognise their owner, so if you’re present during the electrical storm, they won’t end up being as anxious.

Only offer your rodent a couple of tasty treats; a lot of will possibly be undesirable for your little family pet.

What not to do.

Do not attempt to handle your rodent throughout a thunderstorm. The last thing they probably desire is to be picked up. They could try to safeguard themselves as well as bite you otherwise.

2 Bear in mind, rodents have smaller sized ears compared to you do, and also can listen to things a lot louder. So, don’t transform your background music up too loud – you do not want to aggravate them a lot more.

3 DO N’T offer your rodent lots of treats and snacks for it to consume during the thunderstorm to take it’s mind off it. This will certainly just make it know that if it’s frightened throughout an electrical storm, it’ll obtain yummy snacks.

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