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Where Can You Buy Oster Cryogen-X Elite Blade Size 7F

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Oster Cryogen-X Elite Blade Size 7F

Oster Cryogen-X Elite Blade Size 7F

Oster Cryogen-X Elite Blade Size 7F


Leaves hair 1/8-inch 3.2mm. Primarily used for clipping the finishing cut on the main part of the body on dogs and other animals. Compatible with A5, Power Pro, Power Max, Performax, Protege and Groom Master Clippers. Innovative heat reducing technology and legendary sharp cutting performance. Cryogenically treated for longer wear resistance. Elite blades are further optimized with a titanium coating to increase overall surface hardness to maintain a longer lasting sharper edge.

  • This blade works well to shave matted coats down

Oster Cryogen-X Elite Blade Size 7F
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