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Now Designs Club Apron, Cactus Green

Now Designs Club Apron, Cactus Green

Now Designs Club Apron, Cactus Green


Keep spills and drips at bay with a high-quality, 100% cotton twill Club Apron. Solids and stripes combine, (solid colored apron: pinstripe accents, straps and pockets), to create a sleek silhouette. The embroidered kitchen themed crest in the upper left corner completes the look. The wide, comfortable neck strap features an adjustable metal snap closure with three sizing options. This unisex apron features two deep pockets for recipe cards, utensils and more. The Club Apron measures 32 by 28 in

  • Made of 100 percent cotton twill
  • Measures 32 by 28 inches
  • Apron is solid colored with pinstripe accent pockets and straps
  • Thick, comfortable neck strap features metal snap with 3 sizing options
  • Unisex, machine washable

Now Designs Club Apron, Cactus Green
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