On Sale Black Embroidered Apron “Queen of the grill” (with crown”


What Is The Best Price Black Embroidered Apron “Queen of the grill” (with crown”

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Black Embroidered Apron “Queen of the grill” (with crown”

Black Embroidered Apron

Black Embroidered Apron


High quality embroidered cotton/poly blend apron. Make a statement at your next dinner party. Show your wild side. This unique apron is sure to be a conversation piece at any gathering. Perfect for the home entertainer or adventurous gourmet. One for every personality! Fully adjustable to accomodate both larger and smaller builds.

  • Embellished in the USA, Usually ships the same day
  • Comfortable 30:L x 27:W and adjustable neckstrap
  • Launders easily, no shrinking, fading or ironing needed
  • Embroidered, NOT screened printed or heat applied stickers
  • Full divided pocket

Black Embroidered Apron
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