How Do I Get Thirstystone Sandstone Trivet Texas


On Sale Thirstystone Sandstone Trivet Texas

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Thirstystone Sandstone Trivet Texas

Thirstystone Sandstone Trivet Texas

Thirstystone Sandstone Trivet Texas


Thirstystone Trivets are a perfect complement to Thirstystone coasters, or can simply provide a wonderful centerpiece for your kitchen or dining room. Made of absorbent sandstone, Thirstystone trivets are designed to absorb heat and moisture, adding additional protection to your tables and countertops. These 6″ trivets are nearly 1/2″ thick, ensuring they last for years to come!

  • One Trivet Included
  • Authentic Sandstone
  • Each Trivet is Cork Backed
  • Printed and Packaged in the U.S.A.
  • Permanent Full Color Image

Thirstystone Sandstone Trivet Texas
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