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Big SALE Juliska Graham Large Clear Goblet

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Juliska Graham Large Clear Goblet

Juliska Graham Large Clear Goblet

Juliska Graham Large Clear Goblet


Dimensions: 8.5″H, Capacity: 14 oz…Somewhere in the hills, outside Prague, the skilled glass- makers utilize years of experience and specialized skills to perfect every one of Juliska’s pieces. Being handmade, no two pieces are identical. Thus, uniqueness is guranteed. In every one of Juliska’s pieces a hint of its rich European heritage has been added. A work of art, Juliska glass is mouth blown using centuries old techniques. No two pieces are identical, each unique piece has individual ch

  • Handcrafted By Juliska®.
  • Our simply elegant drinkware from Juliska is mouth-blown in the Czech Republic.
  • Pieces are dishwasher safe on a warm, gentle cycle with mild detergent. Hand wash larger or highly decorated pieces.
  • Juliska glass is lead-free.
  • Clear and optic glass join in the Graham silhouette, married by a thread and berry detail. A spiraled sphere grounds the leggy goblets. The result – simply stunning.

Juliska Graham Large Clear Goblet
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