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Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler

Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler

Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler


The Ferrari automatic bottle filler can be used for bottling both still and sparkling wine. The filler has a Tapered fitting that accommodates 5/16″, 3/8″ and 1/2″ Siphon hoses. To use, simply attach the Siphon hose to the Spigot on the bottling bucket and filler unit, turn the Spigot on, push the button on the filler and the filling begins, when the bottle is full, the unit automatically shuts off. The rubber piece that goes into the bottle can be moved to adjust the fill level. The nut on the

  • Requires 5⁄16or 1⁄2inner diameter tubing, which needs to be purchase separately
  • Great bottle filer
  • Quality design

Ferrari Automatic Bottle Filler
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