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Keratolux (16 oz)

Keratolux (16 oz)

Keratolux (16 oz)


Formerly AllersebT Shampoo Formerly TLux ShampooThe ONE shampoo for managing keratoseborrheic disordersWhat are Keratoseborrheic disorders (KSD)s Alteration to the surface appearance of the skin scaling , flaking, skin dryness or greasiness, malodor, dull hair coat and poor overall skin condition are all common signs associated with such disorders.How does Keratolux Shampoo works A unique formula that: Corrects keratinization defects Aids in restoring epidermal barrier function Normrmalizes seba

  • Corrects keratinization defects
  • Aids in restoring epidermal barrier function
  • Normalizes sebaceous secretion
  • Controls microbial proliferation
  • Reduces inflammation

Keratolux (16 oz)
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