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Antifreeze/Battery refractometer RHAN-600ATC

Antifreeze/Battery refractometer RHAN-600ATC

Antifreeze/Battery refractometer RHAN-600ATC


Monoethylene glycol and mono propylene glycol are used extensively as antifreeze in closed cooling systems . Dose concentrations vary dependant upon the level of antifreeze protection required (C or F). Refrigeration units and engine cooling systems use glycol in concentrations up to 60% v/v to maintain coolant fluidity at low temperatures.
If customers prefer to have a model which has (C) and (F). The model RHA-600ATC is good choice as the temperature in C and F were both lised in its sca

  • Ethylene Glycol: -70°C-0°C(-90°F-32°F);Propylene Glycol: -60°C-0°C(-70°F-32°F);Battery Fluids:1.100-1.400sg
  • Resolution Factor: 5°C, 10°F,0.01sg,
  • included:1pc Pipette ***Operations manual***Mini-screw driver***Soft protective carrying case
  • with an additional features of BUILT-IN CALIBRATION KNOB
  • Guarantee: Offers 2 YEARS WARRANTY

Antifreeze/Battery refractometer RHAN-600ATC
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