Big SALE Probe Seal For US Sankey Coupler


What Is The Best Price Probe Seal For US Sankey Coupler

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Probe Seal For US Sankey Coupler

Probe Seal For US Sankey Coupler

Probe Seal For US Sankey Coupler


Over time small beer tap parts can become worn or damaged and you can be sure that they’ll affect your flow. * If the bottom probe seal on your US Sankey coupler (also known as a D system coupler) is cracked or broken, replace it with one of these brand new, high quality sankey parts and in no time your coupler will be as good as new.

  • Seal for US Sankey (also known as a D system) coupler probe.
  • Replaces worn or damaged bottom probe seal.
  • ONLY fits US Sankey couplers.
  • This brand new, high quality sankey part will make sure your coupler is as good as new.
  • Find tons of draft beer replacement parts at KegWorks!

Probe Seal For US Sankey Coupler
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