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Brix Hydrometer Set

Brix Hydrometer Set

Brix Hydrometer Set


Made in the USA, Vee Gee brand Brix Hydrometers are calibrated to show the percentage of sucrose by weight. The Brix Scale is based on the following: 1° Brix = 1% sucrose by weight at specified temperature (20°C). The Brix scale is commonly used to measure the sugar content of various juices and “ripeness” of fruit. The 250ml graduated cylinder is used to contain the solution and allow the hydrometer to float freely for an accurate reading. *** US made, meets or exceeds ASTM tolerances ***

  • Hydrometer is made in the USA, meets ASTM tolerances.
  • Brix Range 0 to 35
  • Subdivisions .5
  • Calibrated at 60°F
  • Includes 250ml graduated cylinder

Brix Hydrometer Set
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